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  • From the Mexican Mediterranean.

    We are

    A family from Ensenada and producers of exquisite Mexican wine.

    We decided to invest in the growth of our region continuing the millennial art of wine that was left by the Franciscan friars several centuries ago. We had the vision of an exquisite winery and the purpose of only offering the best.

    Why Relieve

    Embraced by quiet mountains and a captivating sea, we understood how wine making was part of history in a land full of contrast en interesting relieves. It was then, fascinated by the magic of wine, that we set out in 2004 on our journey to create a unique winery into reality.

    The topography and contours of our land gave origin to our name.

    Relieve was born from the beauty of Baja California, offering the characteristic flavor of transcendence by sharing the art of wine through family and generations.

    Our vineyards

    Our vineyards have a total surface of 8 hectares, within you can find plantations of Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet, Syrah and Pinot Noir.

    Our production oscilates between 2000 – 2500 boxes a year. This 2016 there is an expected production of 3000 boxes. Our goal is to achieve an annual production of no more than 10,000 boxes in a 5 to 7 years span.

    The Architect

    The visionary creator of our winery conceived this project from architectural concepts such as the basic geometry that stands for our brand.

    Wenceslao Martinez Santos, head and center of our family, embraced the genius loci of our land and gave us the opportunity to proudly represent The Guadalupe Valley and Ensenada.

    Today, the architect and his wife, enjoy their wine as the children move their hobby forward with passion and dedication.



      It reminds us of the summer in Relieve for it’s pale green and yellowish color. Delicate and elegant like it’s apple and pear scents in mineral and tropical chords. Soft, fresh and mouthwatering citrics give it a wide and pleasurable aftertaste.

    • MERLOT

      Our Merlot is intensely ruby red colured. It gives out scents of red fruits, toasts and coffee. It’s fleshy body and moderate acidity offers blackberry and plum flavors. Of a long coffee, chocolate and nutmeg aftertaste. Softly tanic, this wine is the perfect company for the joyful wine enthusiast.


      Of a beautiful and pleasing peach pink, it has delicate mineral notes paired to lime and grapefruit scents. Fruity and a acidly fresh, with a soft ending and a sweet and tloral aftertaste that prove it’s elegance.


      Ruby red and intensely coloured, worthy of a delectable wine. Fruity and aromatic, it sends out notes of cranberries, raspberries and cassis that blend into the toast of black pepper and tobacco. Well balanced, blandly tannic, of medium body and moderate acidity.

    • URBANO


    • OVIS

      Bright and ruby red coloured. Ovis gives out scents of plum, dry fruits and spices, you will find walnut and sugar toast flavors. A faithful palate to it’s scents, you will taste fruit moderately acid. Armonic, complex and round with a long a pleasant aftertaste.

    • CICLO

      Ciclo is the soft and complex elegance of a fine nebbiolo. It’s intense pomegranate color reflects slight orange tones where we find scents of plum, cherries, clover, black pepper, and tobacco. A well defined acidity gives it freshness in a soft, long and fruity aftertaste.

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